The Importance Of Defragmenting Your Hard Disk

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I would like to share something on how to take care of our laptop. Most of us simply use the laptop to do assigments, listening to music, surfing the Internet but do not care about the efficiency of the laptop.

Actually, we should alert about it. Downloading, saving files, installing softwares, gaming and what so ever things that we do to our laptop will make it becomes less efficient..Then what happened? Your laptop will become slower. To load something, maybe it takes longer time than it should be..

Defragment..Have u ever heard about it? If yes, what is it? Some of you know but some of them maybe not..I just read an article about the importance of defragmenting our hard disk. Actually, few days ago, I was defragmenting my hard disk. For ur information, till now, the process still not completed. It takes time because I haven't done it according to the schedule. Lots of files are not arranged in order..That's why when I try to find something, it takes longer time to reach the file/s.

I copied the article here so that we can share it.

Defragmenting your hard disk regularly is important in ensuring the efficiency of your computer. It's a way to allow your computer to clean up and re-organize itself for a system that runs better and faster.

How does defragmenting work and why is it important?

When your computer is working; using, opening, saving files, changing data in the files, it uses up areas on your hard disk. If you save a file for example, the hard disk will take that file and store it in sections on the computers hard drive that are adjacent to each other, depending on the size of the file. Smaller files are easier to store because they can be placed efficiently next to each other.

As you continue to use your computer, you will also be performing other tasks, such as editing, adding and deleting files. When you do, changes occur on the hard disk and some areas will become empty pockets. These areas are referred to as fragmentation.

See the fragmentation in my hard disk..

The blue one shows the files are arranged but the red is in progress. Can u see the pie chart above.Almost half of the hard disk stores files..Ok,continue ur reading..

Imagine your hard disk as a flat surface with small blocks where data is stored and there are fragmentations present. From above, you'll see that the files are scattered all over the surface, with some areas empty. Small files will usually fit a small area, but for bigger files, it's different.

On bigger files, it will be difficult to try to fit them in a limited space so your computer will instead break the file down into fragments and store these fragments in different locations on the hard disk. Although this helps keep the files in place, it tends to build up over time.

The randomness with which these files stored also clutters your hard drive and later, it will take a bit longer for your computer to locate things. This is when you'll notice that your system is getting slower. Because the hard disk becomes too fragmented, each time you try to open a file or use a program, it will take longer for the computer to locate and gather the necessary files.

Hehe..see, like what I said right? and I faced the problem with my laptop..OK..CONTINUE READ..!

This causes the operating system to run more slowly, making your computer less efficient. Defragmenting (sometimes referred to as 'defrag' or 'defragging') will help re-arrange the files and keep them in order and easy to find. Once you have defragmented your hard disk, you will notice that your computer runs faster.

How often should I defrag my hard disk?

Don't ignore the importance of defragmenting your computer. Defragging once a month is a good practice, especially if you use your computer often and if you manage a lot of files.

END OF THE ARTICLE..!!OK..I used a software named DEFRAGGLER(credit to Ikhwan coz he installed the software in my laptop last sem..tq Ikhwan..) We can also use the common one. Only few simple clicks and u can defrag ur hard disk..Click on START button > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK DEFRAGMENTER > n last but not least click on DEFRAGMENT NOW..U can also set up the time to defrag ur laptop..

So, i better stop now..I have another things about laptop that i want to share with u..daaaaaaaaa...