For this entry, please forgive me..hehe

Hi all the readers,
I would like to upload a photo of my secret admire..Maybe this is not suitable to post through this blog because it's look like personal but do I care..?
I had asked one of the admin to publish about it and he agreed...
Are you a fanatic football fan?? Of course i'm not. But, I just admire the player..And of course he is our Malaysian..I know him from newspaper. The story began when I cut out his picture and put it at my empty board. At that time, I did not know who he is. The only thing that I knew about him was just his name. A month after(if i'm not mistaken), I saw the same face in the newspaper. Did you remember the football match between Malaysia and Laos? Malaysia won the game. I was surprised that he was the goalkeeper after looking one of the pictures in the newspaper. From that day, I admired him. Do you want to see him? Here he is..hehe..

See..his picture..Of course I copied this picture from someone's blog. He is the goalkeeper of Perlis and one of the national football player.

Ok..that's all I think. To all of the admins especially for j3.4 students, I hope all of you don't get angry with my second post..hehe..

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    aus, ko xpayah nak jeles laa..!